Ines Simone is a place to slow down. A place to redefine how you shop.

We believe the fashion industry has become inherently unsustainable, but we also believe with hard work and transparency, the industry is changing. It’s changing at the hands of brands, designers, and individuals who are dedicated to doing things differently.

In turn, we are able to share this hard work as a responsible, slow fashion studio showcasing forever pieces. We carefully consider and select our partners based on verifiable practices and circularity, allowing us to continue the education process together with our customers. Our focus on versatile investment pieces means the garments purchased in our shop will remain with the wearer throughout the years. You won’t see high volume styles or high turn over. We offer premium capsule pieces to build a wardrobe that is unique to you.

We invite you to our explore our cozy showroom - to shop or as a quiet space to recharge.