• NEZ Folia Eau de Parfum

NEZ Folia Eau de Parfum

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The taste of earth - FOLIA


15 ml / 0.5 fl.oz

Echoing Eva Jospin’s work, where several strata overlap, Folia superimposes earth, stone, leaves and water. It opens with the smell of dead leaves piling up, forming new layers of sediment as they decompose, giving off a slightly sulphurous, mushroomy whiff of green. Moss grows on rocks. Vegetal blends with mineral. Water trickles down on flint, while a soaring note of aqueous, transparent violet leaf rises. Suave pine needles compose an ambery, resinous bed. It contrasts with the raw, root-like scent of vetiver, patchouli and geosmin, which smells of earth and beetroot. A joyful spirit wafts over this scentscape, a feminine presence: orange blossom. But you must concentrate in order to pick it out. If this fragrance represents the undergrowth, it is also a secret dwelling place, just like Eva’s works.