• NEZ Armoressence Eau de Parfum

NEZ Armoressence Eau de Parfum

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The Mystical Heart of Sandalwood - ARMORESSENCE


15 ml / 0.5 fl.oz

“Is it because they are made up of a single thread? Despite their technical complexity, I find a certain legibility in Jeanne’s work. So, I wanted a rather short formula, also very legible. This fragrance has a talismanic, purifying side; it protects us and soothes us. I articulated it around two complementary blocks. On the one hand, a woody, smoky block in which a palo santo accord is recreated thanks to sandalwood from New Caledonia and vetiver from Java – both from LMR – and Menthaflor which, along with cypress essential oil, expresses the aromatic facet of wood. On the other hand, an aromatic bouquet evolving toward the burnt, whose base recalls burnt white sage, composed with clary sage, common sage, a bit of styrax and birch tar. Then essence of turmeric leaf LMR, associated with gentian and lentiscus, adds a bitter green note that’s quite bracing, which contrasts with the woody tone. Armoressence isn’t an intellectual fragrance: It’s a perfume you feel.”